We provide easy, professional-quality SEO analysis and significant SEO monitoring for websites. We help search engines thoroughly follow a website’s dedicated topics and develop a website’s user experience and trustworthiness to prove the site’s meaning to search engines.

Meta Tags

Meta tags do not affect how your page is displayed but help indicate to search engines the topic of your page, and what text to display when your page is listed in search engine results.

h1 and h2 TagS

Header tags are not visible to users, but help clarify and support the overall theme or purpose of your page to search engines.


Robots.txt tells Googlebot and other crawlers what is and is not allowed to be crawled on your site.


A sitemap is important as it lists all the web pages of the site and let search engine crawlers to crawl the website more intelligently.

Broken Links

Broken links negatively impact the user experience and damage your website’s overall ranking with search engines.

SEO Friendly URL

In order for links to be SEO friendly, they should contain keywords relevant to the page's topic, and contain no spaces, underscores or other characters.

Image Alt

If an image cannot be displayed (e.g., due to a broken image source, slow internet connection, etc), the alt attribute provides alternative information.

Inline CSS

Inline CSS properties unnecessarily increase page size and can be moved to an external CSS stylesheet. Removing inline CSS properties can improve page loading time and make site maintenance easier.


Favicons are small icons that appear in your browser's URL navigation bar. They are also saved next to your URL's title when your page is bookmarked.

HTML Page Size

HTML size is the size of all the HTML code on your web page - this size does not include images, external javascripts or external CSS files.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a popular, free website analysis tool that helps provide insights about your site's traffic and demographics.


Even for sites that do not collect such data, switching to https helps users by improving privacy and overall security. Google is increasingly using https as a positive ranking factor.


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