What Our Clients Say

Melanie Eager

Eager for Life, AU
"Anjala and her team are an absolute pleasure to work with. Nothing is too much trouble and they are able to take an idea and run with it to make it really stand out.

I love working with them and highly recommend them. I'm so pleased with all the work that they've produced for me and my business."
Matthew Baltzell

Matthew Baltzell

Real Estate Analyst
"Anjala does the BEST job ever! Stop what you're doing and book her now! She's absolutely amazing. You wont find anyone better than her.:)

Thank you Anjala and WEAMSE for all your hard work. I'm happy to have you on my team!!!"
Jennifer Voigt Kaplan

Jennifer Voigt Kaplan

Award-Winning Author
"I made a fantastic decision when I hired WEAMSE to build my website. They listened well and offered designs that specifically appealed to my target audience. Communication was great and they were very knowledgeable"
Mike Kneuer

Mike Kneuer

Personal Trainer
"WEAMSE is excellent to work with. I will be asking them for help on all of my web related projects going forward."

Joel Bartlett

"They delivered with speed... quality and perhaps moreover restored my faith in working with designers from abroad. I even hired them to maintain my site they are absolutely wonderful and my site is awesome."

Adam RedHead

Restoration Heroes
"Anjala and her team at WEAMSE do a fantastic job. They built a great website for a great price, stayed true to their original estimate, delivered everything in a timely manner, and was always available to answer questions and be of assistance. I would recommend Anjala and WEAMSE to anyone and anytime!"

Basma Chaieri

Etika Jewels, UAE
"Couldnt wish for a better partner to my business! It is a pleasure to work with Anjala, she is very professional and proactive. She always goes the extra mile to satisfy the customers and her work is clean and efficient. She is solution driven and most important she has very hight standards and doesn’t stop until we reach impeccable work which Is very important for an e-commerce platform. Would definitely work with her again"

Shelly Ross

Tales of the Kitty
"Anjala and WEAMSE were a lifesaver when the Contact Us page on our service website went kablooey and our website developer disappeared as well.

Anjala stepped in on a moments notice and had us back up and running within 24 hours. I cannot thank her enough. We now rely entirely on WEAMSE for all of our website needs - we know they're there when we need them. In fact I honestly wonder if Anjala ever sleeps. She seems to ALWAYS be available. If you're looking for support that is there when you need them and really knows their stuff, look no further - WEAMSE is all you need."

Marc van Amsterdam

Volume Hair Plus, NL
"Anjala is a great person to work with and a true professional web developer. Its a pleasure to communicate with her. She is very responsive and humerous too...... a relief in these difficult times with a worldwide pandemic going on.

What I find very important is that she is objective by giving her true opinion and not what a client may want to hear. That is refreshing and works well for me. Meanwhile I also found out that the Weamse team and its extensive network offers a range of other professional services too. As a result, we will amongst others continue our cooperation by starting with social media and online marketing soon.

I have no doubt that this will turn out to be beneficial for my business. Keep going Anjala. You are the best !"


"Website turned out great and I'm happy with the assistance. They certainly go above and beyond to help you understand how to work around the site and to be able to program and understand a lot of the functions of building a site your self. Without the help and videos they made to educate me, I'd be lost. The education they provided is an invaluable part of the process. Thanks"

Sujata Malik

LitUp Lighting, Canada
"Anjala and her team built a Lituplighting website. Anjala is a very diligent professional. Anjala finished our website on a committed timeline and as per our design, and she provided us with excellent ideas and suggestions. . I am pleased by her work ethic and prompt response to our request. I will highly recommend her and her team!!!"

Melanie McDaniel

Founder and President
Freestyle Capital Group
"WEAMSE’s work is consistent and they are knowledgeable getting a website going from scratch on WordPress. Communication was great."

Daylene Long

Catapult -X
"WEAMSE Business Solutions has been a pleasure to work with. I found them to be responsive, solutions-focused, quick, and bright. They helped my business accelerate growth through their technical expertise."

Colleen Kenny LaRocque

Marketing Consultant
"I had a wonderful experience working with Anjala. She works quickly and accurately and is a strong communicator. Anjala did an amazing job on my website. Her English communication skills are excellent. She is very thorough and does not take shortcuts. I highly recommend!"

Dianne Kelly

"Very quick, great skills and a good communicator"

Lee Westwell

Business Owner
"Fantastic service and great knowledge of Web design and SEO. Perfect if you're just starting out or need a review of an existing site. Highly recommended. Thank you so much."

Andrew Trump

Island Harvest, Hawaii
"Knowledgeable, on time with projects, and easy to work with!"

Jeff Malkoon

PB Americano
"WEAMSE has completed many wordpress projects for us, they are communicative and it is always a pleasure to work with them!"

Terrence Coleman

Business Owner
"1st of all she took care of my startup company and I already have plans for her to help me with another. It’s great to know you can still find honest hard working creators out there on the web. Just know your in good hands when discuss your plans for your website when you sign up with her.

I already gave her a referral and I’m proud to say she took care of my personal friends business website like she took care of mine. She comes highly recommended in my book.I look forward to working together again Anjala"


"I really enjoyed working with Anjala, she was a good communicator and skilled with WooCommerce."

Hugh Thomson

CSR Host, United Kingdom
"Good to work with a professional team."

Devesh Tiwari

Panoramic Consultancy, Canada
"Anjala is great! The work is excellent. Communication is phenomenal. And support is outstanding. This was my first time working with Anjala and I will keep coming back for more. Highly recommended."

Richard Wong

The Asian Executives, Australia
"Excellent communication skills and top-notch service"

James Peter Brannan

BlockByte Capital, Australia
"WEAMSE was a real pleasure to work with and has taken my site from a 0 to a 10 in just a couple of weeks of work. Big thank you."

Eylon Hammama

Nature Savers, Israel
"Was doing a perfect job and also did for me anything that I needed, will definitely hire WEAMSE again and again!"


Hyghr, United States
"WEAMSE did a great job, building our new site from scratch. Look forward to working with them again!"


United States
"WEAMSE was a fantastic resource for building out our WordPress brochure site. We'll definitely be using it again in the future!"


Neerajaya, India
"WEAMSE is excellent with their work. Precise and a perfectionist. Super happy with the project. Did not have to stress over it at all. The best I could have asked for."

Sir and Taja Hannibal

Blackascend, United States
"Anjala was absolutely the best. Very patient, understanding and knowledgeable. I will definitely be using her services again."


United States
"Very responsive and helpful - we ended up changing the objective based on Anjala's suggestion - she was very helpful in configuring the script as needed. Would work with Anjala again - highly recommended!"


United States
"No one does it better perfect at communication, willingness to work until it is complete. Very skilled technically and professionally. You should hire WEAMSE, they will get it done fast and right"

Ricardo Oliviera

Veja Obra, Brazil
"Anjala is a great person to work with. We've done 2 jobs already and she is currently working on our 3rd. So far, Anjala is my go to girl when talking about web design"


United States
"WEAMSE took on the job and conveyed confidence that they could do it....and that they did. They were super fast in fixing our issue! Literally took them a couple of days it was amazing! Will definitely be working with them again :)"

Michael Starlet

United HVAC Motors, United States
"She was a pleasure to work with. Very easy to deal with and her work is beautiful! She made all of the changes with ease."

Nick Desrosiers

DCI Projects, United States
"Anjala has been a dream to work with. Her attention to detail and overall care and commitment to completing the project with the absolute best in attention to detail and overall project quality. I will absolutely recommend her to my colleagues as well as already have plans for continuing to work with her."

Andre Robinson

PCDoc4U, United States
"I enjoy working with WEAMSE, they’re very responsive, produce quality work, great communicators and understand me well and are always ready to help me fix errors, not within the scope of our agreement. I took it upon myself to fix small things like typos but it created bigger problems which she was able to resolve."

James Nash

Walcat Girls, United Kingdom
"WEAMSE was really easy to work with and communicated very well. Although there were some tricky issues to deal with, they came up with some alternative solutions that worked well."


United Kingdom
" WEMSE were great to communicate with ! I trusted you with my website and you didn't let me down ! I'm looking forward to working with you again! "